Preparation for In-Person Visits

If you have a fever, cough and shortness of breath or have had direct exposure to a person diagnosed with Coronavirus illness then please do not walk into the office. Call our mainline at (703) 243-1300 and we will talk to you on the phone about your symptoms and what we can do to help.

Patient Forms

Forms can be completed online through the patient portal or you can print them from our website and bring them with you to your appointment.

Prescription Refill Policy

Premier Primary Care Physicians

Medication Refill Policy

Prescription Refill Policy

Premier Primary Care Physicians participates with electronic prescribing directly to your mail order and local pharmacies.  Our goal is to assist our patients with prescription requests in an efficient and timely manner.  Due to the volume of prescription requests, we have created the following guidelines to help meet these goals.

  1. It is the patient’s responsibility to notify the office in a timely manner when refills are necessary.  Approval of your refill may take up to three (3) business days, so do not wait to call.  If you use a mail order pharmacy, please contact us fourteen (14) days before your medication is due to run out.
  2. Medication refills will only be addressed during regular office hours (Monday – Friday (8:00am – 5:00pm). Please notify your provider on the next business day if you find yourself out of medication after hours.  No prescriptions will be refilled on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays.
  3. Prescription refills require close monitoring by your provider to ensure its safety and effectiveness. Your provider will prescribe the appropriate number of prescription refills to last until your next scheduled appointment. Generally, when you are down to zero refills, it is time to schedule a follow up appointment.  We prefer you request any refills of your medications at the beginning of your office visit.
  4. Patients requesting new prescriptions or antibiotics must be seen for an appointment. They are not prescribed over the phone because it generally requires an office visit.
  5. Refills can only be authorized on medication prescribed by providers from our office. We will not refill medications prescribed by other providers.
  6. Some medications require prior authorization. Depending on your insurance, this process may involve several steps by both your pharmacy and your provider.  The providers and pharmacies are familiar with this process and will handle the prior authorization as quickly as possible.  Only your pharmacy is notified of the approval status.  Neither the pharmacy nor the provider can guarantee that your insurance company will approve the medication.  Please check with your pharmacy or your insurance company for updates.
  7. It is important to keep your scheduled appointment to ensure that you receive timely refills. Repeated no shows or cancellations will result in a denial of refills.
  8. If you have any questions regarding medications, please discuss these during your appointment. If for any reason you feel your medication needs to be adjusted or changed, please contact us immediately.
  9. We reserve the right to charge an administrative fee for if there are multiple requests for prescriptions requested outside of a visit.

Our providers participate in the Virginia Prescription monitoring program.

Instructions for Patients for Colposcopy

Instructions for Patients for Colposcopy

It is important to be able to clearly see and evaluate your cervix during the colposcopy.

  1. Please schedule the exam on a day when you are not menstruating.
  2. Avoid douching, using tampons, vaginal medications, or having sexual intercourse within 24 hours prior to the procedure.

While some parts of the procedure can be performed on pregnant women, other parts should be avoided during pregnancy.

  1. Be extra careful about using contraception and condoms the few weeks prior to your procedure.
  2. To be absolutely sure that you are not pregnant on the day of the examination, avoid intercourse starting from the date of your menstrual cycle up until the procedure day. You should also avoid intercourse for 2 weeks after the procedure to prevent complications like pain or infection.

You may experience some cramping during the examination, so if there is no medical reason to avoid ibuprofen or acetaminophen:

  1. You can take up to 3 tablets of ibuprofen (200 mg strength) 30 minutes prior to the procedure with a light meal.
  2. Or you can take up to 2 tablets of acetaminophen 500 mg strength
  3. Please make sure that you eat the morning of the procedure.